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What We Can Do for You

Analyzing Graphs

Application Analysis

We will visit your site for a thorough review of your application requirements and collect the details necessary to propose the optimal solution.



We have a number of products available for demonstration at our facility or yours.  We typically cover such areas as ease-of-use, operation, and capability.  

Machine Arm Assembling Car


If you require a "turnkey" solution, we are happy to provide referrals to members of our exclusive SI (System Integrator) program.  We also work closely with a number of vendors offering components in addition to those we provide.


Feasibility Studies

Studies can identify potential issues and ensure appropriate equipment selection.  This process greatly mitigates risk and can be an excellent selling tool internally or externally.


Start-Up Support

We strongly believe that providing necessary start-up support is vital to ensuring a positive overall experience.  



Training is another area we recognize as being critically important.  We offer courses at our facility or we can provide more tailored training at your location. 

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Top 5 benefits of Factory Automation


  1. More consistency: Unlike people, machines don’t have “off” days or erratic break patterns, so results are constant and predictable.

  2. Reduced waste: With automation, you calculate exactly how much of a material you need and avoid having too much left over.

  3. Improved productivity: By streamlining and automating processes, you fine-tune production lines, working faster and better.

  4. Better quality: Not only do you cut out the risk of human error, but you can also continually tweak automated processes to enhance the results.

  5. Safer working conditions: Factories are accident-prone hot spots, but the more your equipment can sense potential dangers and shut down accordingly, the more you can control the risk.

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